God Parting the Waters for Sarah – Levi, Watch Out!

I don’t consider myself a religious person, but it’s hard to ignore the many signs that God may be parting the waters for Sarah Palin to rise above.  And here is why:

Everyone who dismissed Palin as the next star of the Republican Party began to put Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, on a pedestal.  He was a fresh face.  Young and of a minority race.  He was asked to present the Republican rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address.  His national political debut completely bombed on him.  He sounded and looked very uncomfortable, and he was compared to nerd boy, Kenneth Page, from Tina Fey’s Emmy Award-winning show, “30 Rock.”  The left-wing pundits laughed, “This is your star?”  After that, there wasn’t much mention of Jindal anymore.  He has recently announced that he will not be joining the 2012 presidential race.

Then came the most shocking surprise of all.  South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, the one who fought tooth and nail to reject the infamous Obama stimulus package and who was regarded as a viable presidential candidate for 2012, came out with a jaw-dropping announcement that came totally out of left field.  In his nervously, rambling press conference, he confessed to having an extramarital affair with an Argentinian woman he called his “soulmate.”  This news was as completely unexpected as Palin’s resignation.

Finally, there is Shannyn Moore, the Alaskan blogger for the Huffington Post who has her own radio talk show (and calls herself an “ordinary American” like all of us average Joes have our own radio talk shows.  Yeah, Shannyn, you are so “ordinary.”)  She is often used as the “expert” for Alaska politics in liberal news venues.  After the announcement of Palin’s resignation, Moore wrote on her Twitter page, “I know the nature of the scandal.  Timing, baby, timing.”  She also wrote  a piece in the Huffington Post to unleash an old rumor about an FBI investigation regarding the Palins and the Wasilla Sports Complex that she assumed may be the cause of Palin’s immediate resignation.  Palin said the speculation of such a serious scandal hit her “like a ton of bricks.”  Before letting the malicious rumor grow its own set of legs, Palin’s personal attorney immediately fired back a warning to major news outlets about repeating the baseless rumors.  After this incident, it is evident that Shannyn Moore’s credibility as the Alaska “expert” has tanked to the bottom of the tundra.

With obstacles and competition dropping one by one like flies, it appears that God is indeed parting the waters for this charismatic, moose-hunting, gun-toting governor from the land of the midnight sun.

And if this is so, Levi Johnston, who’s out there trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by spreading Palin gossip, had better watch out for he may be the next fly to die.


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