Are White House Healthcare “Myths” Really Myths?

public optionOn the Yahoo frontpage, there’s an article entitled “Majority of Americans Believe in Health Care ‘Myths’.”

Did you happen to catch the quotes around the word “myth”?  I didn’t until I took another glance when I decided to blog about it.  So that can make people believe that these are in fact myths when they’re actually “myths” (with the quotes).

Let me try to debate some of the concerns that the White House calls “myths”.

1)  The White House believes that wait time for surgeries will not increase – Let’s say that everything is covered for pre-existing conditions and the cost is “free” to the majority.  What does “free” usually make people do?  Picture Cash for Clunkers handing out $4500.  My friend works at a dealership.  He said he worked around the clock without getting a chance to eat a real meal as he watched kids running around and people crying because they can’t get the car they want.  Chaos may be an understatement.  Plus, there has already been a prediction on the shortage of doctors and nurses while the baby boomers are at retirement age.  Obama did say that

2)  The White House believes that the government will not be directly involved in your healthcare decisions – Then what are its means of controlling cost?  Might as well sign a blank check to the American people.  Private insurance companies already rations, but if a patient is not happy with their private insurance, they can move on to another insurance company.  Conservatives are already saying the plan is unsustainable, which will lead it to ration care.  And if Obama wants universal healthcare like in country countries, there’s one country that cuts cost by putting people on the “due to die” list.

3)  The White House believes taxpayers will not be paying for abortions – We already are and will still continue to do this because if the patient can’t foot the bill under their income threshold, they can sign a waiver and not pay a dime.  The taxpayers would then have to foot the bill.

4)  The White House believes that illegal immigrants will not be covered in the public healthcare plan – Unless immigration reform is tackled, this will continue to happen.  Illegal immigrants show up at the ER all the time.  The ER doesn’t generally turn away patients, so they take care of them and the taxpayers foot the bill.  My friend’s dad tried to get his ER bill waived one time, but they denied his request saying he has to be an illegal immigrant or….forgot what the other part was.

5)  The White House doesn’t believe that the public option would raise premiums for private health insurance – This could go two ways.  Either the private insurance companies go out of business because they cannot compete with “free,” or they raise premiums to cater to paying customers to offer better service and better doctors.  If public option pays for all surgeries and drugs (because Obamacare does not get directly involve in our healthcare decisions – see #2 above) then private insurance companies would have to earn enough money to pay for more surgeries and drugs in order to compete with public coverage/care vs. private coverage/care.  The majority of Americans get their health insurance through their employers, so if the public option is cheaper, then employers would most likely drop private insurance to enroll employees in the public plan.

6)  The White House doesn’t believe that cuts will be made in Medicare to offer the public option to more Americans – Hell-o?  They did say they would cut out “waste” in Medicare to offer the public plan to more Americans.  That is how they’re planning to fund this so far.  Unfortunately, the elderly folks don’t think the “waste” they are cutting are actually “waste.”  I don’t see anything wrong with cutting waste and fraud, but it could also have an effect elsewhere.

7)  The White House doesn’t think private insurance companies will not be eliminated – Again, see #5 above.  For sure, insurance agents will be filing paperwork for unemployment if this plan goes through.  If employers don’t have to pay massive sums of money to insure their employees, then they’ll do the money-saving measure by enrolling everyone in the public option leaving the majority of private insurance companies hanging dry.

8)  The White House doesn’t believe they will tell elderly how and when to die – Sure, it won’t be in explicit statements, but when the Obama Administration decided to bring back the “Death Book,” into the VA system, you got to kind of wonder what their intentions were.

Don’t get me wrong.  Healthcare reform is needed, but not by offering a free plan to virtually everyone including the idiot who spends his afternoon tagging freeway bridges.  If Obama meant not free, but just “affordable,” how would he cover those who are in between jobs who can’t afford monthly payments?  Reform is needed by fixing Medicaid.  They can increase the income threshold and include those that receive unemployment benefits.  He should continue to fix Medicare, like what he did by negotiating with Big Pharma.  Medicaid and Medicare should also cover both dental and vision.

The Obama Admin should also listen to conservatives and Palin by adding tort reform to the overall healthcare reform bill.  If both sides work together and put together things they can find common ground on, then a bipartisan bill can be passed.


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