Obama’s Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is Down & Out

“You reap what you sow” is the line that comes to my mind when I think of Van Jones.  The announcement of his resignation on the front page of Yahoo News this early Sunday morning must’ve put a huge smile on Glenn Beck’s face.  Back in July, Beck had made a controversial comment claiming President Obama is a racist because of the quick way he reacted to the Officer Crowley and Professor Gates incident where before getting any facts straight, Obama quickly said that the police officer had “acted stupidly” towards his friend, the professor.

The organization, Color of Change, which was co-founded by Van Jones, but whom he no longer works with, organized an intense advertiser boycotting campaign against The Glenn Beck Show.  Major advertisers pulled out of his show, but ratings did not slump.  It actually continued to rise with the help of Sarah Palin’s announcement on her Facebook page telling all her friends to tune into Beck’s show to find out who’s actually running the White House.

In this morning’s article by the Associated Press, Van Jones stated that there was a “vicious smear campaign against me.”  Well, I guess he knows how Sarah Palin felt during the 2008 election, but she was able to withstand the fire of all the beatings because the smears that were meant to harm her were either taken out of context or were flat out untrue.  Jones, on the other hand, could not run away from his unflattering past that includes being a former member of a communist party and making racist comments, information that was conveniently left out of this morning’s news article from the Associated Press.  Other information that may be trivial to some includes him calling former President G.W. Bush a “crackhead” for wanting to continue with oil exploration for energy independence, him calling Republicans “assholes” and him claiming the Bush White House deliberately meant for the September 11th terrorist attack to happen.

Van Jones did the right thing by resigning this morning.  Whether he is a changed man now or not, we will never know, but one thing’s for sure.  He will no longer be a special adviser to the President.  And Glenn Beck just scored a point.

For the liberals out there not understanding the Van Jones issue, read this to get another perspective: Imagine Van Jones in a Republican (Palin) Administration

UPDATE: Must read this.  What the Van Jones Story is Really About


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