Ken Morris Offers Palin $100,000

Ken Morris lost the bid on the Ride2Recovery charity dinner with Sarah Palin to a true Palin supporter, Cathy Maples.  The winning bid?  $63,500 from a starting bid of $25,000.  Now Morris is pouting and wants to offer $100,000 to a charity in Palin’s name if she would have dinner with him.

The catch?  He gets to bring his left-wing fringe group from the media and blogsphere: Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Shannyn Moore, just to name a few.  She gets to bring whomever she likes.  He suggested Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck.

I say, Mr. Morris, $100,000 is chump change for the show you want to see.

But why have her debate the irrelevant fools in the left wing media when the real person she should debate with is the President himself?  He’s the one who can alter public policy, not the left-wing fringe group.

Plus, Morris has easy questions he wants to ask Palin.  Even I could answer them for him:

Q. Do you regret saying several hundred times that our president “palled around with terrorists?”

A.  Morris, she doesn’t wallow in regret.  She was asked by the McCain campaign to say those things.  She was working for McCain at the time and as much as the mainstream media likes to paint her as some witch or diva, she’s not.  She followed orders for McCain’s sake.  And by the way, Obama did pall around with terrorists.  Bill Ayers and his wife are terrorists (she went to jail for it) and they were good friends of the Obamas.  Obama’s political career started in Ayers’ living room.  I believe it was Ayers who hosted this party for Obama.  Have you ever had a bad friend host a party for you???  Puh-leeze.  Ayers said if given the chance, he would do the same thing over again, you know, set bombs at the Pentagon, the Capitol, etc.  He was the one who said, “Guilty as hell, free as bird” when the FBI messed up on his case and he was freed on a technicality. So, NO, Morris, she does not regret saying what she said because it was the truth and she followed orders.

Q.  Do you really believe that providing health insurance to all Americans is socialism or fascism or Nazism?

A.  No, she does not, BUT she does believe that taxing Americans to death to bailout everyone and every industry is a pathway to socialism.  She believes that yes, health insurance should be affordable and can be available to everyone in the free market system.  She has given her input on this many times on how to achieve this.  I dare you to read what she wrote.

Q. Or that there are truly ‘death panels’ in these proposals?

A. She DID NOT say there are “death panels” literally in the health care proposal.  What are you, in 2nd grade???  Again and again, she has said that “death panels” are the unintended consequences of national health care.  Let me repeat: consequences, consequences that are unintended.  When money is tight, what does your family do?  You budget.  Same as the government.  When money is tight, you budget.  And who decides how the health care budget is being used?  Of course, the panel that is provided by Washington bureaucrats (a.k.a. the Obama Administration).  There’s nothing wrong with advising patients on end-of-life decisions, but there is a problem with paying doctors extra money just to give this type of counseling.  Why did the government offer incentives?  Because they’re hoping doctors could get grandma to pull the plug on herself, so they can save a buck or two.  That was the whole point of the end-of-life provision.

Q.  Doesn’t she think we should all tone down the rhetoric?

A. You may think all this bickering from the right is all fun and games, Mr. Morris, but no one is playing games, not even Palin.  Palin has even called for civil discourse when the town hall meetings around the nation got too violent.

So, Mr. Morris, I’m glad that Sarah Palin interests you.  Just keep reading her Facebook posts and you can answer all the questions yourself.  In the meantime, she’s got a bigger fish to fry.


One response to this post.

  1. Excellent point “why have her debate the irrelevant fools in the left wing media when the real person she should debate with is the President himself? ”

    Whether the McCain campaign ordered her to say it or not, Obama did pal around with terrorists and there is nothing wrong with campaign rhetoric to make a point.

    Death panels was a rhetorical phrase that took off big time. Yes, great point.

    Awesome link to her facebook page. It’s smart to keep the folks in line.

    Great points in your article.


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