Confessions of a Ghostwriter (Bill Ayers)?

My jaw dropped when I read that Bill Ayers confessed to being the ghostwriter for the book that catapulted Obama to the presidency, Dreams From My Father.  It was the book that Obama claimed he’d written himself and the book that was hailed by so many as the best self-written book by a politician.  This media-induced brilliance of Barack Hussein Obama, was the direct result of this masterpiece and now Ayers has confessed to a stranger that he did in fact ghostwrote the book.  But is what he saying fact or fiction?

Anne Leary, who writes on her Backyard Conservative blog, was the lucky lady who had that strange encounter with the infamous Bill Ayers when he voluntarily uttered those words to her after she confessed to being a conservative blogger.  She couldn’t believe her ears, so she assumed he was just pulling her leg.  He told her twice that if she could prove it, he would split the royalties with her.

My question is, why would he say such a thing?  Isn’t he afraid of being sued by President Obama?  There are a few reasons I can think of:

1)   He’s bitter that he’s not getting paid?  Perhaps when Hillary Clinton mentioned Obama’s connection with Ayers, the ties between them were quickly severed and he is off of Obama’s payroll in terms of royalty payments.

2)  His ego got the best of him?  All this praise of Obama’s amazingly written book, while Ayers gets kicked to the curb.  Perhaps he was waiting for the day when Obama is man enough to fess up that he did in fact had help from a ghostwriter.  After all, Sarah Palin never denied that she had help with her book, nor did John McCain, Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton.  Ayers knows that that day will never come for him and that the true history of Barack Obama will never been complete without this knowledge.

3)  His guilty conscience is getting the best of him.  Perhaps he is seeing Obama as this “monster” he had created and wants to make it all stop?

4)  He wants to put the conservative bloggers and pundits on a wild goose chase to get a good laugh (or to be relevant again in the news cycle)?  But Jack Cashill seemed to have already found the goose.  He just needed scientific proof to back it up.  Still, what he has found is simply quite amazing.

5) Similiar to #4 – Entirely for shock value.  To get a reaction.

And what did Ayers mean by splitting the royalties if proof was found?  Well, perhaps there is no royalty to split, so it’s a share of $0.

To me, Ayers doesn’t seem like the kind of man who would flat out lie.  After all, he did say “guilty as hell, free as a bird” when he was freed from imprisonment on a technicality.  He also said he was never apologetic of what he did in the past as a domestic terrorist.  He would, however, gloss over facts if it involved Obama, but maybe it’s time he’s about had it.

Whether Ayers’ utterance is true or not, we will never know unless Obama stammers or flinches when confronted with the question.  So far, the news of Ayers’ shocking yet strange confession, whether one believes he’s telling the truth or not, is now out in the blogsphere.  If what he said to Anne Leary is true, then Obama had better practice his unflinchiness in the mirror if he wants to continue this facade.

Now the big question remains:  Which non-Fox news station will dare ask him that quesiton?


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