Can Palin Divide a Dinner Party?

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to work and they were talking about who is the most polarizing figure – polarizing, not in a negative sense, but in a sense where there is strong love or hate with no middle ground.  They all seem to agree that Palin is that person (although later someone suggested Rush Limbaugh).  They were saying that nothing divides a dinner party like bringing up the name: Sarah Palin.

Even though I know lots of people who are pretty much middle ground when it comes to their thoughts on Sarah Palin (because they do not follow politics), I had to agree with the radio station that bringing up the subject of Sarah Palin can cause a room to divide.  You’ll have people who love her coming to her defense with every ounce of their being and you’ll have those who will give the same annoying liberal talking points.

The radio station chat on this subject made me laugh because  it reminded me of what my sister and brother-in-law told me.  It was their usual Friday night dinner with two friends this past weekend, the same folks they always hang out with.  One is into politics while the other isn’t.  The politico guy was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter, but later grew to support President Obama after going through a period of calling him the anti-Christ.  The politico friend started the political war by saying, “Sarah Palin’s so dumb.  She can’t even answer what she reads.”  The non-politico, mild-mannered friend who I’m guessing is neutral about Palin (because he would tease me on my Palin craze) called him out by saying, “Why does she have to answer that stupid question? It’s condescending for a governor/VP candidate!”  They somehow got into a heated argument over that and the non-politico friend grew so frustrated that he got up, threw his jacket towards the politico friend and walked out.  These are two very good friends by the way.  But it’s like wow, a Palin subject caused a dinner between two very good friends to come to a halt.  This is like hearing Rush Limbaugh telling his stories about having dinner with his friends and when the subject of Palin-bashing would come up, he’d throw down his napkin.  LOL!

Also, today we heard that Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie’s relationship are on the rocks because of their disagreement over politics.  He is a big Obama fan, while she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors.  She has since rekindled her relationship with her dad, Jon Voight, who isn’t afraid to be a conservative Republican.  I know Jon Voight is a Sarah Palin supporter.  Perhaps Angelina Jolie is one too.  I don’t like Jolie all that much, but after reading what she thought of Obama, she definitely scored some points with me!


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  1. Posted by zintzun on December 11, 2009 at 10:26 am


    I know you delete my comments (censoring is bad). That’s ok, my comments are just for you! 🙂

    I’m not pro-Obama at all. But it puzzles me when I see people who like Palin so much, I think you need to be more objective and read why many people do not like Palin. For example:



  2. Posted by thexliberal on January 3, 2010 at 12:08 am

    I don’t remember what your comment was. I don’t mind a civil debate.


  3. Posted by Raymond on January 17, 2010 at 10:17 am

    I do not admire politician by their mere looks and their educational background regardless of where they had graduated from. I admire and evaluate political leaders by effective results of their work performance. the same thing on how I hired my human workers. I hire people, not by their services, but by effective results of their services. There are politicians, like Obama, that belong to intellectual elite and very strong in rhetorics but when it comes to common sense, being proactive and bold in decision making, they do not have, and if they do not have these kinds of political instincts, they are failures. I will say, Sarah Palin has these kinds of political instincts being a proactive and gutsy leader and that is why she became effective governor for two years. She was able to balance the AK budget and get rid of corruption plus during her term that AK natural gas pipeline became a reality. Just imagine, being AK governor is two years, she had accomplished more than the accomplishments of the past governors. I firmly believe, if she became POTUS in 2012, within two years, there will be radical changes in the DC for the better. She will be like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, and United States will be able to recover and maintain as the world’s greatest power. Lastly, it is proven in history that Extreme far left liberals are the ones responsible for the many downfalls of certain great nations. One fine sample is The Mighty Roman Empire: Rome was not destroyed from the outside until it was destroyed from within by extreme far left liberals who patronize same sex relationship, extravangance, human slavery, illegal migration, exaggerating human rights, etc.


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