Schmidt or Schidt?

Steve Schmidt, the top McCain strategist during McCain’s 2008 presidential election, was on “60 Minutes” last night to “tell all” about Sarah Palin as some sort of a revenge.  He didn’t say much about her that wasn’t already argued in her book, can be clarified in online sources, or that Schmidt himself already justified.

1)  Schmidt said that Palin kept calling Biden “Senator O’Biden” during debate prep.  That is nothing new.  Palin had already detailed this account in her book.  It wasn’t even a big deal because Jay Leno had even slipped up with “O’Biden.”

2)  Palin not knowing foreign policy and the issues of the War on Terror.  Schmidt had even said that, to be fair, other candidates wouldn’t have much knowledge on this either.

3)  Schmidt saying that Palin lied – saying she wanted to put out a statement that her husband was never part of the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP).  Schmidt is such a liar.  There were leaked emails floating around months ago before her book was even out where Palin tells Schmidt that her husband thought joining the AIP was like registering Independent.  She wanted him to put out a statement telling the public that her husband meant no ill intent when he joined the party. She NEVER said that Todd was never a member of the AIP.  Schmidt flat out lied right there.

4)  Schmidt claimed that Palin is a liar by saying that she was exonerated from Troopergate.  She is right.  She was exonerated.  If she wasn’t, Alaskans probably would’ve already called for her impeachment at the time.  Even the Anchorage Daily News, who isn’t always Palin-friendly, wrote that Palin was exonerated from the investigation.  You can read it here too from

5)  Schmidt said that Palin was only vetted via online information from one lawyer.  That’s a flat out lie.  In Palin’s “Going Rogue,” she said that the McCain staff knew things about her that she had long forgotten, like the sermons at the church she attended when she was a teenager.  They even had her tax returns and voting records.  They knew Bristol was pregnant before it was even announced.

So in the end when asked if Schmidt would want to choose Palin again?  He said there’s no do-over in life, but he said that without Palin, McCain would’ve lost even greater.

There ya have it folks, the top McCain strategist admitted that Palin helped the McCain ticket from an even worse fate (Obama winning all 50 states).  Anyone who thinks that if Sen. Joe Lieberman was chosen as the VP pick that it would’ve helped the ticket needs to stop smoking whatever they’re smoking.  Lieberman was going to be the VP pick when they decided at the last minute that two old men can’t beat the charismatic and young Barrack Obama.

John Ziegler does a very good job calling Steve Schdmit out in a piece he wrote last night.


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  1. Posted by greg on January 17, 2010 at 8:14 am

    McCain’s ability to draw a crowd as minimal, most of the time he drew 2000 or less. If he had picked Lieberman, Pawlenty, Romney, or any of the others on his list, they would have attracted Biden size crowds, 800 or less. It would have been an almost invisible campaign. Palin did her best, but it was like hitching a race horse to a 2 ton block of cement, and expecting it to pull the block across the finish line. McCain’s defeat was strictly his own fault, he certainly didn’t campaign as if he really wanted to win.

    As for Schmidt, does he really think he’ll get another gig in another campaign? Who in their right mind would hire someone with a history of being a public backstabber once the campaign is over? The best he can hope for is a gig at MSNBC as their resident “republican” commentor, sort of like David Brooks being the “conservative” at the NY Times.


  2. Posted by richard dunnell on January 18, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Is it possible to have a network retract as what was proven to be false, or a downright bold-faced lie? I didn’t watch it, but saw bits of it on Fox. I never watch that group of grumpy old men and I don’t know anyone who does. The only ratings they get are a result of following the NFL game of the day. Truly disgusting piece of trash. We know Anderson Cooper’s mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and that his father and brother both committed suicide. Maybe it’s the angst that is causing him to seek such radical career paths.


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