Sarah, the Next George Washington?

Glenn Beck sat down with Sarah Palin today (in a good, but strangely melodramatic interview) to chat about his gravest concern on him pouring his whole heart out to her future candidacy if she ever decides to run for president.  He talks about how hard it is to trust politicians and that he has never met anyone who has gone to serve in Washington and come back a better person.  He asks if she will lose her soul along the way if she were given the top job in Washington.  He wants to be assured that he and the people who elect her can trust her and that there is hope that politicians can be trusted.  She talks about finding the answers by looking at someone’s track record to see if they have lost their soul along the way, but Glenn interjects and focuses more on the “trust” aspect, not records.  She said she doesn’t have the answer to how people can trust people in Washington in that sense because people shouldn’t put so much trust in politicians, but that kind of trust should only be put upon their own spouse.  They talk at length about the founding fathers and she talked about George Washington, how he was reluctant to serve as president, but because the people wanted him to, he did.  She said people should find someone like that.  After she talked about that, the conversation went on as follows:

BECK: I am waiting for George Washington to appear, someone who doesn’t want to serve but will because he must, and someone who’s so beyond question, he can bring people together and say ‘look, we gotta do this. This is gonna be hard’.

PALIN: That’s exactly what we need to seek in a candidate, someone — I’ll repeat this — almost reluctant to serve, someone who will not prostitute themselves and say what they believe the voter wants to hear at that point in time in order to get elected.

Someone who the people find and ask “Will you sacrifice, will you do this for our country to get us back on the right track?”

BECK: That is why I think you’re on the most admired list [of women]. Some people find you to be that. You came out of the blue, and you did serve. You were asked to serve, and you got butchered and you continually get butchered and yet you’re still going?

PALIN: Well, let me tell you one thing in that vein. I would be perfectly happy to go back to Wasilla, Alaska with my five children and my grandson and raise a happy, healthy family, loving our great outdoors, doing the things we do in Alaska, but if I believe that in some capacity, I can help this great nation, I’m gonna be willing to sacrifice and to change some things in my lifestyle in order to serve.

That doesn’t have to mean, though, top dog.

Like I’ve said before (maybe not on this blog) and many intelligent admirers of Palin have said (like Ann Coulter), you get a sense that she doesn’t want to take the “top dog” job because she hates the bullcrap that happens in DC or politics in general.  In this interview, she even admitted to wanting to leave the Republican Party and registering as an Independent.  She doesn’t like all this partisanship on display and all the political nonsense; however, she stayed as a Republican because she feels it has the right values that would be good for this country.  And she is speaking out, not for political gain, but because she cares about this country and doesn’t want to see it go down the drain on an extreme liberal agenda.

I am now convinced that if the “Draft Sarah Palin for President” folks and the Tea Party movement folks are vocal enough about wanting her to run for the presidency, she will indeed run!

Texas Governor Rick Perry said he doesn’t ever want to go to Washington.  He sounds like another George Washington. I would have total faith in a Palin/Perry ticket for 2012!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by greg on January 17, 2010 at 8:31 am

    If Palin decides to run, I will volunteer for her campaign, I will contribute money, and I will vote for her and bring as many people with me as possible. She is the only politician who I feel I can trust. What really sold me is that when she saw that her administration was being hamstrung by democratic operatives filing never ending “ethics” complaints, and it was costing the state millions of dollars, she voluntarily gave up power for the good of her state. A typical politician would have just sat there collecting a paycheck, not getting anything done, and traveled the country on the taxpayers dime making speeches, attending events, etc. Palin is not your politics as usual type, and runs against the “conventional wisdom” that you don’t resign mid-term if you want to get ahead.


  2. Posted by Raymond on January 17, 2010 at 9:48 am

    As long as the Sarah Palin is on the top of the GOP ticket for POTUS 2012, I wont mind the following VP nominee: Bachmann, Jindal or Perry. The rest (except Rudy) are crap and fencesitters.


  3. Posted by Blythe on January 17, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Thanks for this well written post. Glenn Beck was discussing the Interview with Bill O’Reilly and said that she needs to challenge more if she is going to be President. My opinion is that she does just that and those that are interviewing her really don’t realize it but the audience seems to get it. I thought she was excellent.


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