PDS on High

Joy Behar, the ever anti-Palin, once again shows off her Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) by saying Sarah Palin’s poise and confidence on last night’s Jay Leno show was as a result of some narcissistic “delusion” that she has.  Behar compared that self-assurance carried by Palin to the time when Palin, herself, didn’t hesitate to consider a run for the presidency.  Barbara Walters seemed to agree with Behar’s assessment.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

First off, in the behind-the-scenes take after the Jay Leno interview, you’ll see the backstage interviewer asking Palin  about her stand-up routine.  Palin said that Leno made it very easy for her, so she had a great time.  If the lines are funny and good, of course you can deliver the lines with ease and confidence.  Joy Behar said she, herself, was a nervous wreck the first the time she did stand-up and it took her a long time to overcome that nervousness when delivering her jokes.  Note to Joy: Maybe that is because your jokes sucked?  Sarah Palin did not write those jokes, so she had nothing to lose.  If it wasn’t funny, they weren’t her jokes, they were Leno’s, and normally you’d only agree to deliver a pre-scripted monologue if it was funny.  Very simple.  This is not delusion.  It’s common sense.  Something a lot of liberals are lacking.

Also, why wouldn’t Palin be confident about running for vice-president in 2008 or for president later on?  She has been a public servant for so many years and she has accomplished so much in her 2.5 year term as governor than most governors do in 2 terms. She has more executive experience than then-Sen. Obama, Biden and McCain combined.  She knows how all levels of government work.  Obama was a “go with the flow” state senator who always voted with the party line.  He barely got his feet wet in the U.S. Senate, having voted “present” many times, yet he had the audacity to think he can run a country economically on its knees?

So, Joy, ever thought Obama may be the delusional one?


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