Cracking the Palin “Health-gate”

The liberal heads are spinning right now because last Saturday as Sarah Palin was making her Canada connections to the Canadian audience in Calgary, she mentioned that when she was young and living in the remote town of Skagway (in the 1960s), her parents would sometimes rush her or her siblings across the border to Canada for emergency medical treatment as it was the nearest medical treatment facility.  The liberal left are slamming her saying, “See?  She used socialized medicine in the past and now she wants to deny people of the same care?!”

Truth is, Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, explained that when the family used Canada’s health care, they still had to pay out of their own pockets because they were not Canadian citizens.  It wasn’t like they were sneaking across the border to get free health care.  No, they had to pay.  But in America when illegals sneak across the border and fill up the emergency rooms, they don’t have to pay a single dime.


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