Thoughts On Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law

SB 1070, Arizona’s illegal immigration bill, has caused a lot of racial tension with the state and boycotts of the state.  It is unfair that innocent people are caught in the political crossfire.  Some Democrats compared the bill to the early days of Nazi Germany when Jews were asked for their papers.  A Jewish organization denounced the claim because there was no comparison in the deportation of illegals who committed a crime vs. the extermination of innocent people from their home turf.

Opponents of the bill (most who didn’t even read the short 17 page bill) say the bill will cause racial profiling.  Supporters of the bill say there is no such thing.  I went and read the bill and found on page 6 and 10 it says:

The attorney general or county attorney shall not investigate complaints that are based solely on race, color or national origin.

With this bill, if a cop ever stops you for committing a certain crime or violation,  they can ask you for your immigration status if there is “reasonable” suspicion that you are an illegal alien.  That is the section that causes opponents of the bill to say that this law can be abused, but how can it be abused when an attorney general will not investigate a complaint based on one’s race?  A cop has to be very careful not to step over the boundaries because the state can be sued and even he could be financially liable for any attorney’s fees.

People who look Hispanics will not be stopped when walking their dog.  If you rob a store, then yes, the cops will ask you for your ID if you’re caught.  Just like if you run a red light, a cop will ask you for your ID.

Hispanics seemed to be unfairly targeted with this bill, but that is because the reality is the majority of illegals are Mexicans.  If the U.S. borders China, and there were a bunch of illegal Asians (I’m an Asian by the way) making the state into the nation’s kidnapping capital, I wouldn’t care if I had to show my passport with every traffic violation if it meant the safety of my family and my future children.


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