Yahoo News’ front page news this morning has an article about Palin positioning herself for the 2012 presidential run.  And as expected, there was a bunch of idiotic comments from the uniformed.  Gives me heartburn just reading it, so I had to take a break from it.

I truly believe that liberalism is a mental illness.

Why can’t people see through all the crap from politicians?  Especially from the crap that is Obama (who thinks Europe is a country by the way).  He is definitely an empty suit.  He doesn’t even know how to handle the oil spill.  You don’t just let it keep on flowing and wait for BP.  Geez.  You’re supposed to meet with the CEO right away to see what his plans/facts are and verify the crap he is telling us, and cut all the red tape (waive the Jones Act as Bush did for Katrina), so that the Gulf states can protect their waters.  You’re supposed to start cleaning up the waters wherever you can as well even though oil is continuing to spill.  (Palin to Obama: Call me.)

What irks me to no end is that people keep on singing along with Obama and “blaming Bush.”  It was Obama’s appointee that certified the oil rig’s safety ten days before the explosion.  This is the same team who gave BP an award for safety even though BP has a very poor record of safety and this team was headed by a lady appointed by Obama who resigned the moment she was called to Congress to explain herself.

Can you believe it that BP has 760 OSHA fines while Exxon only has 1???  And other oil companies only had single digit violations?  Palin was very strict on government oversight of oil companies that even the Republicans in Alaska almost ran her out of the state and a BP employee even told her team to “go to hell, but first resign.”  And the idiotic haters are saying, “But she wants government to get out of the way.”  What part of wanting LESSER government means NO government?  You put in the regulation where you needed to protect the environment.


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