My First Palin Encounter

I drove 2.5 hrs with my co-worker to Bakersfield just to see Sarah Palin today. (She was there to see Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin too, but she is a Romney fan.) This is my first political rally ever!

Rudy Guiliani took up the most time I think. He didn’t seem presidential to me. At first I thought he’d might make a great vice-president, but now I’ve changed my mind. He seems very friendly, but I do not get that presidential leadership feel from him.

Mitt Romney came out to thunderous applause and flag waving (as did Guiliani). He spoke about the Tea Party movement and mentioned a lot about the soldiers. I do not quite remember what he said. Wish I paid attention more. The crowd was indeed excited to see him. I think they announced him as a presidential hopeful. I saw a few people carrying the Romney book. Not sure if there was a book signing going on.

Laura Bush gave a very nice speech and received the loudest applause thus far. She spoke about her daughters and what they were doing. She joked about how she enjoyed reading the tabloids to see what’s going on in her life. She even took out a bobble-head of herself. She also mentioned 9/11 and how when they woke her up, she wasn’t able to put on her contact lens, so George Bush had to guide her down to the bunker. While in the bunker, they learned of all the chaos that was unfolding. They awoke the next morning forever changed.

After Laura Bush spoke, a lot of people got up to go outside to get food or something.

Karl Rove came up to speak and I didn’t pay attention here.

Just as Sarah Palin was about to speak, you see people starting to walk back in. A crowd seemed to gather towards the podium with cameras in hand and the press people were around. I went up there anyway. I figured I paid this much for the ticket, might as well just go up there to get a good look and if they shoo me away, so be it, but luckily, they didn’t shoo any of us away.

The organizer of the event teased us a bit saying something about how we all must came here just to see this woman and you can hear some in the crowd whistling in anticipation and excitement. He talked a bit about her and this very touching video appeared on all the screens (one of my faves made from a fan a year ago from YouTube):

He then introduced her as “the next President of the United States,” and as she stepped out, the crowd raised to their feet and gave a thunderous applause. She definitely stole the show. She came out in her signature red/black suit and grinned from ear to ear. She radiated extreme confidence, enthusiasm and seemed to sparkle as the cameras flashes around the room. I thought I would be hearing the same speech, but what’s weird is that even though I’ve been hearing the same lines (with some new lines added), it was like the first time I’ve heard it. She was so passionate. My favorite line of the night was when she said, “Status quo is Latin for the mess we’re in.” She called the antagonist of the Tea Party, the “Cocktail Party.” When she was finished, people waved at her as she waved good-bye. I waved also, but of course, she didn’t see me. Haha. My co-worker who is a Romney fan said she was wowed by Sarah’s speech as well because she hasn’t heard any of it I think. In person you don’t hear the sometimes high-pitch tones in her voice when she gets excited. She is just amazing. I believe she will be our president in 2012.

11,000 people attended the Bakersfield event. They didn’t even check our bags even though they said they would check large bags. I had on a backpack and no one cared. The staff was definitely very friendly and my goodness, everyone was just so well dressed to the event. It was definitely not your average Tea Party folks, so if this type of elite crowd can be excited about Sarah Palin just as your average Tea Party patriot would, then I’m sure she can definitely carrying the GOP nomination!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by exodus on October 10, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Thanks for the inside scoop from Bakersfield!

    It’s all on now …….. there is gonna be such intense anticipation of Gov Palin announcing she will run, that the EXPLOSION when she DOES announce will be heard clear across the nation, from coast to coast …. reverberating throughout the blogosphere …….and in the media for days on end …. ‘a great awakening’ ….. libs’ heads slitting open! ….. America Haters spitting and cursing ……Palinistas declaring fealty …… PDS sufferers being admitted to Psychiatric Institutions ……. Cocktail Party RINOS getting SWAMPED by the Conservative Masses ….. Masses of individual LIBERTY-loving Americans drowning out the plaintive cries of the RINOs …. LOL ….. the Stock Market will likely respond positively due to the new-found optimism in the American Heartland

    Hold on America! Never stop fighting against this radical leftist agenda from the WH! Follow the President -in-Waiting ……. REBUKE, REJECT and REPEAL in 2010, and then RENEW, REVIVE and RESTORE starting Jan 20, 2013!

    “I, Sarah Heath Palin, do solemnly swear …….. ”



  2. Posted by Amazonia on October 10, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Thanks for the report OPC, 🙂


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