When people find out I like Sarah Palin I imagine them thinking I must be some kind of a loon.  (Hey, I live in the very blue state of California.)  I use to quickly go into defense mode by knocking down all the liberal lies one by one before they could even ask me any questions or attack me in any other way.  Right now I just cheerfully respond that I love the woman because she is one brave soul, she gets the job done and she has the track record to prove it!

Prior to October 2008, I never cared for politics because politics was boring stuff for controversial people (but presidential elections were always exciting to watch).  My eyes would always glaze over political news unless it came in a form of a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live.  I was your usual, un-informed moderate-liberal Democrat who was brainwashed by the mainstream media; the media that told us that former President George W. Bush was the dumbest and worse president ever.  The same media that told me Sarah Palin is dumb.

Curiosity called me to the internet to search up “Sarah Palin” on Wikipedia one evening after the Vice-Presidential debate.  I was more than impressed with this woman’s accomplishments.  At that moment, I knew she was something special, someone we could trust for once.  I had finally awoken from the liberal media spell.  It was like I had snapped out of a trance that had been with me ever since I first registered to vote, not knowing exactly what being a Democrat meant, but remembering that Republicans were supposed to be the  “rich folks” who didn’t care about the “poor folks.”  After the revelation, I started to feel disgusted and embarrassed being a Democrat.  I never thought in a million years that I would understand the conservative Republican’s point of view, nor would I ever imagine voting for a Republican on any ballots (except for Arnold Schwarzenegger because we thought we could trust him and plus, come on, he’s the Terminator…haha).

I think if America had some common sense knocked into them, everyone would be a Republican-leaning person, or a Sarah Palin Common Sense Conservative type of person because seriously, why not support what she supports?

1)  She’s for strong national defense and support for our military.  Why not support those brave men and women in uniform who take the risks we aren’t willing to take?  Why make light of what Bush was trying to accomplish?  He created the Dept. of Homeland Security to counter terrorism and it was because of him that America didn’t have another attack during his tenure.

2)  She’s for lower taxes, smaller government and free market principles.  Who wants to pay more taxes?  Ask anybody.  Sure, they want to finance this and that for those less-fortunate, but when their paychecks come in or when it’s time to file tax returns, they gripe about how much tax is being taken out.  Plus, lower taxes doesn’t mean the poor gets tossed into the cold.  The poor is already being helped with public housing, food stamps, Medicaid, and even fees waived for community college tuition.  Government just needs to give those earning and producing money a tax break, so that they can spend and hire more people.  We should support capitalism and allow the free market to thrive on competition, not subsidize it.

3)  She’s for energy independence.  Why not drill for oil and gas in America while researching on alternative renewable energy sources that could reduce our reliance on non-renewables?  Why must the federal government lock up so much of Alaska’s frozen barren land that holds trillions of cubic feet of natural gas?  Why must we import so much oil from countries that provide safe havens for terrorists?

Sarah Palin has a lot of common sense.  It would be awesome if she were to become America’s first female president!


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  1. Posted by Jack on January 27, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Wow! I think everything you said is similar to my experiences.

    Will you go out with me? 🙂


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