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Lefties Mock Palin & Ends Up Embarrassing Themselves

At a Tea Party rally on Monday in Nevada, Sarah Palin told the crowd to “don’t party like it’s 1773 yet” because we need more conservatives in the House/Senate. Anyway, PBS Washington correspondent and the moderator during the 2008 VP debate, Gwen Ifill, and other Lefties tweeted that Palin had made a gaffe.


How can one not deduced the fact that when Palin mentioned “1773,” she clearly meant the Boston Tea Party when *ahem* she’s speaking at a TEA PARTY rally.

All these Lefties were thinking of 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. Again *ahem* that has NOTHING to do with taxes. Palin has been stumping across America to get voters to vote against higher taxes by electing common-sense conservatives to the House & Senate on Nov. 2nd.

Lefties think they’re so smart, but ends up making an ass out of themselves and ABC, MSNBC, etc. doesn’t even talk about it.

MUST READS: NewsBusters take on it.

Also, I’m not fond of Christine O’Donnell, but “separation of church and state” is not written literally in the Constitution. Coons couldn’t even name the protections of the 1st Amendment when challenged by O’Donnell. All he could mutter was “freedom of religion” (and quickly changed the subject) when any grade school kid can tell you that “freedom of speech” is also included. And of course, the easy one is “freedom of the press.” BUT you’ll hear/read NONE of his “lack of knowledge” in the headlines!!!

I’m not religious, but what’s wrong with teaching the “divine theory” in class if Darwin’s theory is introduced? The Constitution would not allow public school teachers to teach students their personal faith, but if you teach “religion” as a study, then it’s fine. I wouldn’t care if Creationism is taught alongside Darwin’s theory. Why not? Let people decide for themselves where we came from.